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■ Shirley Kuhn

Age: 75

Live: “I was born and raised in Brainerd

“The house I grew up in was located where the Brainerd High School is now. It was my mother’s family’s home built in the early 1900s.”

Childhood memories there: “We used to go sledding down the hill by Boom Lake. That was our playground. We had a ski jump that was fun. We also swam a lot and my family would have family picnics on Sundays by the lake. Kiwanis Park wasn’t there at the time.

“They took out about 20 houses by our house to build the high school.”

Family: Husband Norman (her second husband), six children, 13 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren with three on the way.

“One of my sons was killed in a car crash in California while he was serving in the Army. That was 13 years ago.”

Volunteer: “I’m a member of the Brainerd American Legion, VFW and Eagles and a member of the color guard. I also volunteer at The Center, where for the past 15 years I helped make doughnuts. I’m a member of First Lutheran Church. I‘ve volunteered for 60 years at the Degree of Honor.

“I volunteer about 30 hours a month, but I don’t do Wednesdays. Wednesdays I play cards with five other ladies at The Center from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.”

Bucket list: “I don’t think it will happen, because of my husband, but I’d like to go to Hawaii. I don’t think I’ll ever get there.

Something you don’t want to do: “Jump off an airplane.”

Favorite color: “Blue. I look good in blue. It’s always been my favorite color.”

What are you known for baking wise: “My pumpkin bars.”

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