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Minor adjustments to our vehicle may help us all

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Minor adjustments to our vehicle may help us all


Crow Wing County Sheriff

In just a few weeks, my family will have four drivers in our household, two teenagers and two, well lets just say, seasoned/veteran drivers. We all vary in shape and each of us have a different feel to what is considered a comfortable position while in the drivers seat. It’s important for us to remember that this can make a difference in a persons’ safety and whether your are driving an older model vehicle or a newer one, make sure you know how important these minor adjustments are:

• You need to have a clear line of sight at least three inches above the steering wheel. The steering wheel should be no higher than your shoulders as you may have to raise the seat, use a cushion or tilt the wheel.

• There must be at least 10 inches of space between your chest and the steering wheel/airbag. But you need to sit close enough to reach the pedals and move freely between them.  

• Adjust the head restraint so that the center of it rests in the center of your head, not your neck. This is extremely important in a crash as whip lash will more than likely come into play.

• Your safety belt should rest against your shoulder and hip bones, not on your neck and stomach. Manually adjust the position of the belts as this is another important thing to keep in mind. 

• Reduce blind spots by adjusting your mirrors. The rear view mirror should show as much of the rear window as possible. The left and right mirrors should barely show the side of your vehicle. Larger mirrors are available and truly do a great job on providing a bigger more panoramic view. 

These minor adjustments may require a little more time at the beginning of the drive, however it means that you don’t have make them while driving and it truly may keep you out of a crash in the long run.  

Please be safe.