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Santa's busiest helper

Santa’s busiest helper


Age 79


Up in the North Pole in Santa Claus land, things are always busy. There are lots of things to do all year but after Christmas things slow down and Santa gets a chance to rest up after his long sleigh ride.

There’s one person, though, who keeps busy all the time. Can you guess who that is? Why, Mrs. Claus, of course!

Every day she makes meals for the elves and Santa. There are always clothes to wash, floors to scrub and dishes to do. The elves and Santa are always busy making toys for the next Christmas. They make cars, wagons and doll houses but who makes all of the curtains and blankets for the beds in the doll houses? Mrs. Claus, of course.

When special orders are put in for jackets, hats and mittens to dress a doll or a Teddy bear, who do you think makes them? Mrs. Claus, of course. Finally, Santa checks his list and finds that most of the toys are made. Do you think Mrs. Claus is done now? No, Santa needs lots of candy to put in the stockings for the good boys and girls and who do you think makes that? Mrs. Claus, of course. Oh how delicious Santa land smells then and she makes lots of cookies for the elves and Santa, too.

Mrs. Claus sometimes has to remind Santa about something that happened a few years ago. He had eaten so much candy and so many cookies that when he was going down a chimney he got stuck! It was a story that Ralph, Santa’s special helper, loves to tell. He had to push and finally sprinkled some magic dust that made Santa thin enough to go “plop” down the chimney so he could deliver toys. Santa was so covered with soot that Mrs. Claus had to scrub him and his suit after he got home. More hard work.

Soon December arrives again and everyone in Santa Claus land is filling last minute orders, which means working very hard. Mrs. Claus wants to be sure that Santa is well rested before he makes his journey around the world, so she makes him sleep as long as he can but Mrs. Claus works twice as hard.

Finally, the big day arrives and she watches as the elves and Santa fill the magic bag, hitch up the reindeer and get ready for the flight. Then he kisses her soundly as she tells him to be careful and not get stuck in any more chimneys or singe his whiskers on any fireplaces. Then she watches him take off, and waves until he’s out of sight. Then who walks back to the house, yawning and with a big smile climbs into bed for the soundest sleep of the year? Mrs. Claus, of course.