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Sarah Dewey

Year: Senior.

Age: 17.

Art focus: Advanced TV productions

Adviser nomination: “Sarah is a class leader. She usually takes on the role of producer for the “Warrior Update.” She has been in TV productions for a couple of years and her skills have grown immensely.”

What makes you a good producer: “One is that I know the role because I play it pretty much every week. No one else wants to do it. People come to me with their questions. I like to be the top of everything. I like the power of it and that you get to make the final decisions.”

Do you plan to do something in TV as a career: “I’m going to go into film producing. I want to be a producer.”

Most unique package you worked on: “During Homecoming week we made a dance video. It was a VHS dance by Mike Posner and the song was ‘Cooler Than Me.’ We put it on YouTube.”

Artists most admired: Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.

Food you will not eat: Fish.

Movie you’ve seen more than five times: “Titanic.”

Favorite TV series: “The O.C.”

Favorite book: “Journey of Hope” by Lurlene McDaniel.

Favorite song: “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias.

Parents: Deborah and John Dewey of Pillager.

Honorable mentions: Zach Woods, junior, decoy carving: “Zach is an excellent student, hard-working and always strives for perfection.”

Jamie Whitehead, senior, orchestra: “Jamie, who shows leadership and maturity, has been a member of the Chamber Orchestra for four years and the All-Conference Honors Orchestra for three years.”