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What is 'The Center?'

That is what many of us have called the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center for years. What does The Center mean? Maybe it is a nickname, but more importantly it is people; members have the privilege to become involved, educated and engaged in our community through programs, events and activities.

In an average week, there are more than 25 different activities, events or programs that happen at The Center or in various places throughout the community that are sponsored by The Center. Those include, but are not limited to chair exercise classes, playing card games of 500, bridge, cribbage and hand and foot; and bingo, singing, playing music, dancing, art classes like rosemaling, folk painting or water color; Morning Club that has speakers from the community weekly; exercise programs like Zumba Gold and workout rooms with treadmills, recumbent bikes, Hoist workout machine and balance exercise room; wood carving, wood shop equipped with power tools, quilting class, card recycling classes, dominoes and pegs and jokers games, clogging, concerts, birthday celebrations, volunteer opportunities, making doughnuts, tennis, golf, walking the trails, biking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, model rail road club, educational programs, demonstrations and much more.

Individuals who participate in these activities are all age 55 and up. They are boomers, just like the name of this section of the Brainerd Dispatch. In 2011, 19,466 individual users took advantage of the privilege of the programs, events and activities that are offered through The Center.

We are here for you. Stop in for a tour. You’ll agree with the other 1,580 members of The Center that this is a great place to become involved! Coffee is on; we are waiting for you!

DEANN BARRY is the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center director.