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Born into a multimedia world

I was born into a generation surrounded by technology. Dubbed a “Millennial,” while technology was not nearly as advanced in my youth as it is for today’s younger generation, I don’t recall much of a time without computers, digital mp3 players or cellphones — no matter how big and bulky they were compared to today’s mini-versions.

Having been exposed to it so much and even more so in today’s society, I have thoroughly embraced it, even engulfing myself in all the varying ways I can use technology. It’s mesmerizing all the possibilities that are now are your fingertips.

It allows me to see my best high school friends every Sunday — while they live in Nebraska, Washington D.C. and around the world in Chile. I can pull up the answer to a trivia question in an instant on my phone and flip through the latest Brainerd Dispatch on an iPad. How neat is that?

And whether it be my social media favorites Twitter and LinkedIn — Pinterest is a close third — or thinking of new ways to create a digital visual format to share things with readers, like Phil I can never get enough of learning about where technology has been, is, and more importantly where it is going.

So be sure to get Tech Savvy with us and learn as we do. We’re always excited to hear from you so be sure to send us your questions ( and follow us on Twitter (@jessi_pierce & @pseibel) where we can continue to interact with you digitally.

Let’s get Tech Savvy Brainerd lakes area!

JESSI PIERCE, staff writer, may be reached at 855-5859 or Follow her on Twitter at (@jessi_pierce).