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Obsessed with Technology

I have an obsession. I can admit it, in fact, most of the time I welcome it.

That obsession is that I love learning, especially when it involves technology. Fortunately for me, the world of tech, social media, and all things digital evolves so quickly that it can make your head spin. I love it!

I also love to share with other people on the things that I learn. Whether it’s in a professional setting brainstorming ideas on how to utilize the latest software, or with a group of friends comparing the best apps, I love sharing information.

This is where Tech Savvy comes in. Each week Jessi and I plan on sharing what we’ve learning with you, our readers, giving you insight into some of the new technology, trends and information that is new in the digital world. We’re also welcoming any questions you might have and we’ll answer as many of those as we can.

Make sure you check us out online as Tech Savvy grows to include video reviews and other feature items.

You can also send us your questions at, or send us a tweet on Twitter @pseibel or @jessi_pierce.

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