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'Slacker' Update


A couple weeks ago I wrote about Slacker Radio being my go to online music app, and I wanted to give you all an update on some of their features.

I wrote about how sports was not a big part of Slacker, however I should note that they have nine ESPN stations they have integrated into their service, including six live stations from different major U.S. cities. Getting a sports fix is definitely more of an option now.

Another really awesome feature is that by upgrading to their top tier, Slacker Premium, you also have the ability to create artist playlists that ONLY play that artist, or you can select individual albums and play just that album. Best. Option. Ever. I have since listened to a couple hours of The Fratellis and now to get me through the afternoon I think I’ll listen to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”, my favorite album of theirs... because Slacker Premium lets me do that. Thanks, Slacker Premium; you’ve made my audio day.