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Reader Questions

Q: How many email identities should you use to be safe for banking, friends, phone accounts, etc?

A: That’s a good question, and it seems like every time you turn around someone is asking you to create a new account, or sign up for a new email. On the other hand, you may feel uncomfortable using the same email for your business information and your newsletter subscriptions, but how many emails are enough, or too much? I like to think of it in terms of who is reaching me. If I do have multiple email addresses, will the person contacting me always know who they are sending it to? Will they know it’s and not I generally use only two email addresses, my personal one and my work email. I use them just that way too — all work related stuff goes to my work email and everything else goes to my personal email. There are different schools of thought both ways, but this way I know exactly what I’m sending from where and then there are only two email accounts I have to keep track of.

Q: How do computers, especially PCs, work? I know Macintosh uses a piece of a real person’s brain inside each Mac.

A: Sorry, I couldn’t resist answering this. I spoke with my good friend, a lab tech, Mr. Frank N. Stein, and he assured me that despite any rumors, they really discourage using any pieces of real people. Oh, and to the reader who submitted this, the Borg are calling and they’d like to chat with you about trade secret confidentiality.

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