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Tech Savvy: Reader question

Reader question

Question: I have reduced a good part of my old record collection to iTunes using a program from Mixmeister. I use an Acer notebook with XP and an iPod. Everything worked just great until I updated itunes to 11.0. Now all my music played on the notebook sounds like it is being done by Alvin and his Chipmunks — accelerated speed! Did update 11.0 move everything to the Cloud? Have you heard of any issues with 11.0? I have not docked my ipod since the update for fear of corrupting the music on the iPod. Books that I have purchased from Apple Store also playback at excellerated speed. Any ideas?

Answer: Great question, thanks for writing in!

I did a little looking and Google didn’t throw any results back, nor did the iTunes library or some of the Apple sites.

I’ve used Mixmeister but it’s been a while so some of this may be conjecture.

Many times when softwares are updated there are little files that tend to get overlooked in the software, these may be fonts, image rendering programs or, more seriously, something that changes the composition of the files itself, like what it sounds like is happening to you.

My usual first response is restart your computer and see if that changes it. Along those same lines, if you used Mixmeister, I assume that you have the files saved as MP3s somewhere on your computer, you may want to try reloading them to your iTunes library. Sometimes it “jogs” the memory of a program and it corrects itself.

If those options don’t work, it is possible that iTunes has corrupted those files. If you can play them back in iTunes and they sound OK but when you sync them with your iPod they sound funny, then the sync is the issue.

This could be something you could look into the setting in Mixmeister and see if anything is changed — BPM (Beats per Minute) comes to mind. If that has been adjusted it may affect the output.

If you go through all these scenarios, there are a couple options. I would contact Mixmeister support and let them know, odds are if you have experienced this others have and they would be the ones to know the best next step — it may be updating your Mixmeister program. Here is a link to their FAQ: If you look under your program name you may find some clues there.

If that doesn’t work, you could try reaching out to Apple but since they do not produce the Mixmeister program the odds they have someone that deals with the Mixmeister program is pretty slim.

If you want you could install a prior version of iTunes but that kind of defeats the purpose of upgrading.

Worst case scenario is that the files were completely corrupted and you have to start over. Not ideal in any sense but that is a possibility. If you exported your files from Mixmeister directly you should have copies of them by default. Those should be OK still, but stranger things have happened.

Sight unseen this is probably the best advice I can give you. I hope this helps.

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