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This Was Brainerd - Oct. 27


20 years ago (1997)

They were supposed to return from Greece with new military training skills. Instead, almost half of the 350 National Guard soldiers returned with an unknown bacterial infection. The state epidemiology office is investigating. Many of the soldiers are from Brainerd.

30 years ago (1987)

If Paul Bunyan was as fine a marksman as is claimed, then it's fitting that Brainerd and Bemidji should meet in a shooting competition. At least that's how Don McFarland sees it. The owner of Paul Bunyan Center has put up a 3-foot tall trophy to go to the winner.

40 years ago (1977)

A man standing next to the blazing Crosby Manufacturing building was asked if he was an employee there. After a quick glance at the caring fire, he said, "I used to be." An estimated $750,000 damage was done by the fire believed started by sparks from a welding torch.

60 years ago (1957)

A flu-like disease, not believed to be Asian-flu according to local health officials, has hit some Brainerd schools. Franklin Junior High has 230 students absent out of 894, but Washington High School has only 69 absent from an enrollment of 872.

80 years ago (1937)

(Adv.) Congratulations to Fred Larson on the completion of Larson's New Tavern - 5 miles East of Brainerd on Hwy 18. Lampert Lumber was pleased to furnish his building materials. Grand Opening on Wed. evening, Oct. 27 - featuring Braino Springs Beverages and City Club Beer.

100 years ago (1917)

Abe Sugarman, St. Paul, secretary of the Socialist Party, currently serving 90-days there for making treasonous utterances, is known on the Cuyuna Range. He wanted to speak at Deerwood on Aug. 31, but Sheriff Theorin told hime no anti-war speech was allowed in the county, and he left.