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This Was Brainerd - Nov. 5


20 years ago (1997)

Sensing their skating freedom may drawing to a close, 30 skateboarders and inline skaters gathered in the city council chambers to question the proposed skating ordinance. As written, it would prohibit them from skating in the downtown area.

30 years ago (1987)

Continued use of rifles for deer hunting in undeveloped areas of the city drew sharp attacks at the Baxter council meeting. Art Rinke spoke for a delegation of 15 residents opposed to hunting near their homes and presented a petition with 90 signatures from the Forest View area.

40 years ago (1977)

(Photo) Yesterday was a bad day for a rural Brainerd couple who decided to go fishing on Gull Lake. While Mr. and Mrs. George Fawcett were fishing, their pickup truck rolled down the public access ramp and into the lake. The truck was pulled out and towed to a service station.

60 years ago (1957)

All Brainerd schools, including the high school, junior high, the parochial school and the junior college will close for a week, re-opening Nov. 12. Schools at Pequot Lakes have already closed and will not open until Nov. 12. Many teachers are ill and subs are hard to find.

80 years ago (1937)

At its regular meeting three days ago, the Pillager village council received an order from the state liquor commissioner to have slot machines removed from the local liquor store. Failure to do so would result in the arrest of village officials for neglect of duty. The machines were removed.

100 years ago (1917)

Alfred Zahn, 15, showed the stuff heroes are made of when he was wounded in the hand by a .22 rifle bullet while hunting with a friend at Gull River. They bandaged his hand and he walked the seven miles to Brainerd where he sat quietly while a doctor dug the bullet out.