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This Was Brainerd: July 4


20 years ago (1994)

Brainerd/Baxter's July 4th celebration had a couple of surprises. As usual, parking was at a premium for the fireworks. Someone parked their car on the BN Railroad right-of-way just a block away from the parade route. It was too close to the track and was hit by a passing train.

30 years ago (1984)

Dilaudid, a painkiller that's fast becoming the preferred substitute for heroin, has sparked several visits to Brainerd by thieves. There are certain groups that travel the state. They con the doctor into giving prescriptions, saying they are on vacation.

40 years ago (1974)

As Brainerd voters went to the polls today to cast votes on the fluoridation issue, the state of Minnesota served legal papers on the city of Brainerd. The state told local officials that District Court action will be taken to force Brainerd to fluoridate.

60 years ago (1954)

(Adv.) From the Sensational Best-Selling Novel! Three worldly American girls falling in love in Rome. See "Three Coins in the Fountain," now showing at the Brainerd Theatre. Starring Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and Rossano Brazzi.

80 years ago (1934)

Brainerd and the county today settled back into a normal routine after a July 4th celebration that left at least one person in the hospital and four more with severe injuries from fireworks. Scores more suffered burns and minor injuries due to firecrackers.

100 years ago (1914)

An Austrian miner, working at Barrows, picked up a stick of dynamite and touched off a match to it. Instead of burning, the stick exploded, tearing off his hand and part of the arm. A friend tied off a shoe lace above the injury, and the injured walked three miles home to a doctor.