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This Was Brainerd-July 21


20 years ago (1994)

It's hard to imagine what more Barb Grove could do for economic development on the Cuyuna Range. After 10 years of impressive job and economic diversity growth, Grove is resigning as exec. director of CREDI to devote more time to volunteering in Haiti.

30 years ago (1984)

What to do with a 14-year-old Russian girl with no family, home or job - and no permission to be in the U.S.? That's the dilemma facing Sgt. Frank Ball of the sheriff's office, who got a call from the Minnesota Hockey Schools where the girl has been staying.

40 years ago (1974)

John H. Erickson, a 1967 graduate of Washington High School in Brainerd, was graduated with honors from the Univ. of Minn. Law School. He is the son of the Carl Ericksons. He will clerk for a year for Chief Justice Robert Sheran of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

60 years ago (1954)

Because of a rain deficit of nearly five inches in the past two months, forests here are facing unusual fire hazards, says C.H. Whiting of the Brainerd forestry office. Berry pickers and others in the woods are warned to be careful. Fire towers are manned.

80 years ago (1934)

Reverbrations of the San Francisco strike, just ended, and the Minneapolis truck drivers' strike, now on, directly caused a substantial decrease in Brainerd's water pressure and supply. The strikes held up shipment of a new pump, expected here this week.

100 years ago (1914)

A soap salesman attending the county commissioners meeting cause considerable amusement as he was also a sleight of hand performer. The way he pulled dollars from the clothes of commissioners and a thimble from the janitor's pocket caused gales of laughter.