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This Was Brainerd - July 29


20 years ago (1994)

Two months ahead of schedule, the extension of Excelsior Road in Baxter to Jackson Street in Brainerd will open this weekend. WSN consulting firm cautioned drivers that there will still be workers there for a week or two.

30 years ago (1984)

(Adv.) Welcome to Pauline's! Daily Lunch Specials: Burritos - our original - $3.75; Chicken Chow Mein with salad and roll - $3.95; Lasagna with salad and garlic toast - $3.95; Shrimp and Crab Sandwich with French Fries - $3.95. "Pauline's - good food, good times, good friends."

40 years ago (1974)

The sheriff's office reports the recovery of some $8,000 in equipment stolen from the welding shop at the Brainerd Area Vo-Tech School last week. They were found in a wooded area near Red Sand Lake and a truck, stolen at the same time, was found on the Pine Beach Road.

60 years ago (1954)

Before the summer is over, people on Gull Lake will be better acquainted with that body of water. A netting survey will determine the size and type of fish there, and an electronic sounding device will map out the continuous water depths of the lake.

80 years ago (1934)

Working with a repair crew seeking a gap in the line, an Ironton man was electrocuted shortly after 1:00 a.m. Sunday when he came in contact with a high voltage line near the Sylvan Dam at Motley. The line had been short-circuited by a hawk.

100 years ago (1914)

Among the aquatic sports at the merchants and clerks picnic in Walker will be plank races. It resembles the surf riding of Hawaiian Islanders. The rider balances himself on a wooden plank attached to a hurtling motor boat, providing great excitement for onlookers.