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This Was Brainerd - July 31


20 years ago (1994)

The name has changed, but don't expect an immediate overhaul at the former Brainerd Golf Club. Dave Mooty of Continental golf purchased the course from Skip Holm and renamed it Pine Meadows. Pro Mark Johnson and other staff will be retained.

30 years ago (1984)

United Paper Worker Locals 79 and 164 at Brainerd's Potlatch paper mill will take a strike vote after nearly three months of negotiations failed to produce a new three-year contract. Brainerd has approximately 575 employees under contract.

40 years ago (1974)

An unexpected problem has arisen to temporarily halt painting of Brainerd's historic water tower. City Engineer George Kriha said two coats of off-white paint have reacted and turned yellow when it dried. "We don't know what's causing it to turn," he said.

60 years ago (1954)

Brainerd native John Nelson, who has been employed at the Halvorson Funeral Home, has purchased the Whitney Funeral Chapel from the Dan Whitney estate. The chapel was started by Losey and Dean in 1887 and purchased by Whitney 40 years ago.

80 years ago (1934)

A course record of five years standing was shattered last week when E.P. Brinson, champion of the Twin Hills course in Oklahoma City, shot a 69 on the par 73 Pine Beach golf course. Brinson is 59 years old and began playing golf just 10 years ago.

100 years ago (1914)

One of the biggest fish ever caught at Hubert was a Great Northern pike weighing 23 pounds, caught by Z.B. Clarke of St. Paul, who will enter it in that city's fish contest. The 44.5-inch fish was caught on a big spoon hook with heavy line and a long leader.