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This Was Brainerd - Aug. 7


20 years ago (1994)

Kevin Cashman's potential career on the PGA golf tour was ended by a traffic accident in 1988. But today, the head pro at The Pines at Grand View is tuning up for a shot at the PGA Championship at Southern Hills. He qualified at the PGA Club Pro Championship last year.

30 years ago (1984)

The proposal to put BN Railroad employees to work for the city of Brainerd appears to have been derailed. Alderman Don O'Brien said that labor officials have opposed the idea. He said it was unfortunate the plan was announced before union officials were consulted.

40 years ago (1974)

Two unidentified persons ignited a smoke bomb in the basement bathroom of the Ryan, Ryan and Ebert law offices on S. 4th Street. Two people entered the office before noon and asked to use the bathroom. After they left, smoke began billowing from the ladies room.

60 years ago (1954)

(Photo) Ira Tomlinson, treasurer of the Brainerd School Board, is shown with the $1 million check which will be used to build new Brainerd schools. The check represents the proceeds of the bond sale and will be deposited in the 1st National Bank.

80 years ago (1934)

First step to eliminate the rat menace in the city dump in West Brainerd was taken last night when the city council authorized spending $10 for poison. The action followed a recommendation of the state health department which visited the dump.

100 years ago (1914)

The wholesale arrest of 14 "blind piggers" for illegally selling alcohol was made at Crosby, and the cases will be prosecuted by the village attorney. Among those accused are the proprietor of the Spalding Hotel and the owners of two drug stores.