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The making of a memory

Cindy Moberg displayed a Memory Bear made from her late grandmother’s valour sui

Anyone who knows Cindy Moberg knows she loves her family, her students at Baxter Elementary School and she loves to sew. 

The Brainerd-native inherited her sewing passion from her grandmother. 

“When I was very young, she and I would make doll clothes and embroider pillowcases and dish towels,” Moberg said. 

While Moberg’s love for sewing and the amount of sewing she does could be enough to keep her busy full time, its just one of the many things she’s invested in. Moberg teaches full time at Baxter Elementary School and works part time at Brekken’s in Westgate mall. Needless to say, she keeps herself busy. 

With decades of practice under her belt, Moberg has worked at perfecting her craft and has moved on to projects much larger than dish towels and doll clothes. Moberg said she loves to make quilts. “My first one was a Christmas king-size quilt for my sister,” she said. “It was the most detailed quilt I have made. I guess there is no better way to start than to jump right in.”

Moberg’s most unique addition to her repertoire has been her memory bears.  Moberg said after one of her second grade students at Baxter Elementary lost her brother, Moberg decided to make a little bear to remember her brother by. “A couple of my friends have made memory quilts and I wanted something a little smaller to hang onto,” she said. “I made her a little bear with a note attached and it just went on from there.” 

Since making her first bear, six years ago, Moberg has made about 100 memory bears. The bears are fashioned from fabric belonging to a lost loved one. Moberg has made bears from clothing, bathrobes, towels, denim jeans and old chenille bedspreads. The only thing she said she hasn’t used is animal fur. 

“I had a request from a woman who wanted me to make a vest for a bear out of mink,” she said. “I had to turn her down. Only because I’ve never worked with animal fur before.”

Moberg said her first and largest order of bears came a few years ago when she made 35 bears as Christmas gifts for an entire family for a man who had passed away. She recruited her Bible study group to help her stuff the bears. “I don’t know that I would have gotten them finished otherwise,” she said. 

This Christmas, Moberg made 11 bears for a family in a similar situation. Moberg said she is often asked by co-workers to make bears in remembrance of passed loved ones. 

Cindy said some of the most special bears she has made have been for students, like the second-grader who lost her brother. “I sew those bears from my own ‘stash of fabric,” she said. “But they are still made with love — my love for the kids.”

One of her most meaningful bears is one she made from her own grandmother’s green valor suit. 

“I was the oldest and only grandchild for a long time so I got to spend lot of time with my grandma,” Moberg said. “We didn’t have television or anything back then so we spent a lot of time sewing.” 

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Becca Clemens
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