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‘Somebody knows something’

Police on Thursday continued to search for a suspect responsible for writing a bomb threat on a wall of the Brainerd Family YMCA. 

The threat, written on the wall of a changing room in the swimming area at the YMCA and making reference to a bomb, was found about 4:20 p.m. Wednesday. The YMCA evacuated patrons and staff and canceled Wednesday night activities. 

Law enforcement and YMCA staff searched the building but nothing suspicious was found. The YMCA resumed normal operations on Thursday.

On Thursday, Brainerd Police Chief Corky McQuiston said investigators were going over information from the scene. He said he’s hopeful someone will provide a tip that will lead to a suspect. 

“It’s got to be that with all the people that were there (Wednesday) someone knows something,” McQuiston said. 

Anyone with information about the bomb threat is asked to call the Brainerd Police Department at 829-2805.

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