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Matty’s closes in Lake Shore, pulls out of Frozen Fore

Matty’s saloon and restaurant in Lake Shore closed Tuesday. 

Owner Matty Walsh said his intention was to keep the restaurant open through the charitable Gull Lake Frozen Fore to benefit Confidence Learning Center.

Walsh is working through bankruptcy and closed his restaurants in Walker about a month ago and his one in Brainerd last Saturday. Walsh said when he took his receipts from the Brainerd restaurant to his bank on Tuesday, he was informed his assets were seized by the bank. 

Walsh said he had a plan to pay people he owed money to, including about $5,000 in payroll. But, Walsh said, when he asked if the bank would cash the payroll checks, the bank said no. 

Other bills were for groceries, snowplowing, cable, telephone. 

The Frozen Fore event coming up on Saturday was the Lake Shore restaurant’s biggest day of the year, Walsh said. He estimated the receipts would be about $20,000 and he planned to use those to pay various bills to people in the community. The day was expected to bring in additional revenue as Matty’s last day open as regular customers stopped in as well. Now, Walsh said, with the bank stepping in he will not be able to take in those dollars. 

“If they wanted to take the money, they should have taken it next Tuesday,” Walsh said. 

He pulled out of participating in the Frozen Fore event. 

“Whatever is going to happen to me, I take full responsibility for,” Walsh said, but he said not being able to pay his employees was wrong. “It’s a question of morality for me.”

Walsh said his employees could have quit, but didn’t and he planned to be able to pay them for their efforts. 

“It’s not a blame thing,” Walsh said. “My employees should get their money. People who worked for me in good faith should get their money.”

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