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Little Falls man arrested for selling painkillers

LITTLE FALLS — A 58-year-old Little Falls man was arrested Wednesday for selling prescription medications. 

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel in a news release said officers began investigating Robert Gene Heurung in November. 

During the investigation officers purchased large amounts of Oxycodone pills from Heurung at his residence on the 400 block of Third Street Northeast, Wetzel said. When officers arrested Heurung Wednesday in Little Falls he also was found to be in possession of 24 morphine pills.

Heurung was being prescribed large amounts of pain killers such as Oxycodone and selling them almost immediately after having the prescriptions filled, Wetzel said.

“This is a prime example of why we need to work cooperatively with local doctors to ensure that only those people who need and are taking these pain killers are getting them prescribed,” Wetzel said in the news release.

Wetzel went on to say that progress is being made and that narcotics contracts are now supposed to be used by local doctors when prescribing the most commonly abused pain killers.

“If we can get all doctors, not only in Little Falls but across the state, to utilize narcotics contracts all the time rather than just occasionally, we can have a substantial impact on the abuse of prescription pain killers,” Wetzel said.

Heurung is currently in custody in the Morrison County Jail pending formal charges.