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Sertoma honors ‘Elvis’

Bill Musel was presented with the Brainerd Noon Sertoma Club’s Service to Mankin

The Brainerd Noon Sertoma Club on Wednesday presented its Service to Mankind Award to Bill Musel. 

This award goes to a member of the community who is not a Sertoman but epitomizes the Service to Mankind theme of the club. 

Officials from Sertoma said Musel has well deserved his sobriquet as a “cheerleader” for his tireless promotion of the Brainerd lakes area. Bill is involved in his faith community, performing arts community and service to mankind that involves the Miss Brainerd Lakes Scholarship Pageant, Relay for Life Cancer Walk, Brainerd Area Fourth of July Celebration, Brainerd Community Action, Sober Trip, and Central Lakes College Theater. 

“Anyone working with our Service to Mankind winner is amazed at his patience,” Sertoma President Mary Marana said. 

Musel donates all of his vacation time from his job as head engineer of the South Campus in the Brainerd School District to making the Brainerd Lakes Area Pageant a successful event each year. He also works with the Brainerd winner to make sure that contestant is prepared for the state event. 

Musel was described as “the backbone of the Crow Wing County Relay for Life Cancer Walk. The Fourth of July event is also a big part of his volunteer work.  His appearances as “Elvis” at community events is a highlight of many fun activities that happen in Brainerd. His work at South Campus with students has provided a positive role model especially in his work with “Sober Trip,” a chemical dependency support group for youth ages 14 -18. Musel also enjoys an acting career. 

The nominating committee found a recurrent theme of enthusiastic support for his award that included words like “kind,” “generous,” “respectful,”, “hard-working,” and “the nicest person I ever met.”  

“I do the things that I do because I have to, I am but a servant,” Musel said.

He talked about the huge impact working with young women for the past eight years has made. He has worked for the school district for the past 16 years.