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District lines to be redrawn

 BACKUS — Auditor-Treasurer Sharon Anderson informed the county board Tuesday four of the five county commissioner districts will have to be re-drawn before 2012 elections, because of population shifts.

By state law, there should be no more than 10 percent variation between the total number of voters in each commissioner district.

There are 20 percent too many in District 1, 13 percent too many in District 2, 16 percent too few in District 3 and 11 percent too few in District 4. District 5 may not have to change, because it is only 7 percent under the equality number.

Administrator Robert Yochum, Anderson and Don Hoppe, computer mapping specialist in management information systems department, will form a committee to prepare suggested redistricting lines for the board to consider enacting this summer.

 Anderson reported there are now six ways landowners can pay their property taxes. Besides paying in person at the courthouse in Walker, they can mail a check to Cass County Auditor-Treasurer at P.O. Box 3000, Walker, MN, 56484, or sign up for free automatic payment from their account by filling out an automatic payment authorization form.

That form is available on the county website,, or from the auditor-treasurer office in the courthouse, phone: (218) 547-7257.

 There are charges the processing company retains for the other three methods to pay.

 To pay by e-check, there is a $1.50 fee. To pay by Visa Debit Card, there is a $3.95 transaction fee. To pay by any other debit card or with a credit card, there is a 2.35 percent on the amount of payment fee with a $2 minimum. Taxpayers using these services should plan on one to two business days for their transaction to be processed, Anderson said.

 To pay by any method, taxpayers will need to know, in addition to the amount they owe, their property identification number that is listed in the upper left corner of their tax statement and the account number located above a small box in the left corner of the payment stub and if paying by credit/debit card, their card number and its expiration date, Anderson said.

 She reported interest income on county investments were on track at the end of March to meet the $1 million budgeted expectation for the year, despite the fact that interest income was slow through February this year.

  The vendor who provided a deposit and posting program to the county three years ago has now filed for bankruptcy and will no longer be able to service the program for the county, Anderson said.

 She obtained board approval Tuesday to delay a scheduled purchase of a timesheet program this year and instead purchase a different deposit and posting program. She said using the deposit and posting program has saved the county the cost of one employee to do that work by hand. The replacement program will cost $12,877.