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TASTE OF HOME: A time for sharing what’s good to eat

Guy Klinzing, culinary specialist with the Taste of Home Cooking Show, demonstra

From the smells and tastes of delicious foods to culinary tips, cooking enthusiasts from around the state were given a treat Tuesday at the Taste of Home Cooking Show at Tornstrom Auditorium in Brainerd.

The Taste of Home Cooking Show — sponsored by the Brainerd Dispatch and the Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today — comes to Brainerd every other year and each year the show becomes more popular. The Taste of Home Cooking Show program presents about 300 cooking shows a year to people across the country. Taste of Home also has 3 million subscribers to its magazines.

Guy Klinzing of Chicago, culinary specialist with the Taste of Home Cooking Show, demonstrated to a nearly sold-out audience eight different recipes, including a sweet and fresh dessert, Upside Down Blueberry Cake. Along with the demonstrations, Klinzing offered several cooking tips; while throwing in a few musical numbers with his wooden spoons that have cutout musical notes in them and a potholder that resembled an old record.

“I use a lot of music in my shows,” said Klinzing, who is a professional actor and vocalist. “I enjoy doing the shows, they’re fun. Taste of Home is all about sharing, caring and bringing families together and we do that in the kitchen.”

Klinzing said cooking is as popular as ever with all the cooking shows on TV. Klinzing said cooking shows are positive and people like to watch them. Klinzing is a fan of Alton Brown, creator and host of the Food Network TV show “Good Eats.” Klinzing likes the way Brown discusses the chemistry of foods, such as how the chemistry works in baking powder and baking soda. Klinzing also is a fan of “Food Wars” TV show. When Klinzing travels to the different cities for the cooking programs he goes to restaurants to try the entries that were featured on the “Food Wars” show.

Klinzing said cooking shows help people feel energized in the kitchen and inspire them to try new recipes. Klinzing is seeing more people cooking at home, which he said could be because it’s less expensive in today’s economy.

“People are searching for recipes that are made at restaurants to cook at home,”  said Klinzing. “People are looking for more recipes that are more economical and flavorful.”

Debbie Anderson of Pine River has cooked with Taste of Home recipes for years. Anderson, who attended the cooking show and the exhibits, said her mother and grandmother orderedTaste of Home magazines for their daughters for years so they could learn how to cook.

“I love all the tips they have,” said Anderson. “I love the pineapple cutter. It makes everything in the kitchen so much easier. All the (cooking) tools are so much fun.”

Terry Dalluge and her mother, Grace Christensen, both of Battle Lake, came to the cooking show for the first time in Brainerd. However, they’ve gone to several shows since the early ‘90s in different cities.

“I get so many ideas from the show,” said Dalluge. “It’s so fun.”

David Knosalla, his wife and six friends traveled to Brainerd for the cooking show from their home in Ogilve. Knosalla, who was enjoying a pastry, said,  “I do the driving and the eating ... My wife puts this together as a fun night for an outing.”

Knosalla said they were going to go to the cooking show in Wisconsin, but then they heard about the show in Brainerd and it was a closer drive.

“I actually do a lot of cooking,” said Knosalla. “I  make some of the fancier dishes and I make a lot of simple foods. It all depends on my mood. I don’t cook with a lot of spices. I’d like to learn how to use more spices tonight.”

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