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Little Falls recipient of Digital Towns Program

LITTLE FALLS — The city of Little Falls was recently selected as the recipient of the Digital Towns Program. The Digital Towns program was offered statewide from the University of Minnesota Extension. 

The extension office will provide training to a community group on conduct 3D modeling of community landmarks and assets. These 3D models will then be uploaded to GoogleEarth for the world to see. The Digital Towns program is a pilot project this year; next year other communities in the state will be offered a chance to participate.

The application was submitted by The Region Five Development Commission on behalf of Little Falls. The application was selected based on the community’s ability to bring together a diverse group of engaged citizens including leaders and individuals from community organizations, educational institutions, private business owners,  Non-profit organizations, local units of government, the school district and a number of high school students. Enhancing the application with letters of support were the City of Little Falls, Golden Shovel Agency, Independent School District 482, the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Morrison County Historical Society.

Region Five submitted the application for Little Falls because it not only provides the community with a global platform to promote the quality of life present in the city, but it also ties directly with the work it is doing with the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant; a broader regional planning effort that is integrating planning between economic development, housing, land use and transportation.