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Plane’s plight sparks interested donors

The plight of the Marine plane at the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport has struck a chord with readers. 

Since the story was published Wednesday about the airport commission’s pending decision to repaint the vintage aircraft or let it go, there have been offers to help.

But Steve Sievek, airport manager, said it’s not simply the idea of spending $20 for paint. 

The job is expected to cost several thousand dollars and maybe more than $10,000. Sievek said the plane will have to be soda blasted to remove the current paint and airplane paint is typically several hundred dollars per gallon. 

The plane was first installed along Highway 210 but was moved closer to the airport terminal after work on the highway in the early 1990s because a wing of the plane extended over the ditch and road right of way, and the airport was required to move the plane.