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LF council to vote on chicken issue

Little Falls residents may get their chance to have chickens in the backyard.

An amendment to the city’s animal regulation ordinance was introduced to the Little Falls City Council last Monday that would allow residents to have chickens on their property. The council will vote on the amendment at its next meeting on June 6.

The city’s planning commission is recommending that the city adopt the ordinance that would allow by permit up to four chickens, hens only in all zoning districts. The chickens would be confined at all times in a coop and have to be housed at least 30 feet from property lines. The coops also would not be allowed in the front yard.

Lori Kasella, city interim administrator, said the planning commission held a public hearing on May 9 and four residents who spoke in favor of the amendment and one in opposition.  

Little Falls Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem said Thursday that the ordinance was brought before the city because of the efforts of Hannah Veillete, age 12, who has requested the amendment to the ordinance to have chickens within city limits as a class project. VanRisseghem said having chickens has been a dream of Hannah’s.

VanRisseghem said the council has not yet discussed the amendment, but she is against having chickens allowed within city limits. VanRisseghem said she is concerned on how police would enforce the ordinance on the chickens.