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Capsized boater in good condition

Two days after being rescued from the shores Pelican Lake after his boat capsized late Monday night, Dan Larson said Wednesday afternoon he is doing fine.

Larson, 68, who was staying at his family cabin on Pelican Lake over Memorial Day weekend, said he was out fishing about 8 p.m. Monday and an hour later ended up in the water when his boat capsized.

“My plan was to take out a couple of lures for a couple of hours,” Larson said. “It ended up being a lot longer.”

Larson was found on the shore by law enforcement officers searching for him. He was hospitalized at Essentia St. Joe’s Medical Center in Brainerd for hypothermia and said doctors were concerned about his enzyme levels after the duress his body endured staying afloat in the lake and swimming to shore. 

Larson said the Sheriff’s Department found his capsized boat still in the middle of Pelican Lake, engine still attached, and towed the vessel to Breezy Point. 

Larson will likely be released from the hospital Thursday and said he is grateful for the concern of the community and action taken by area law enforcement.

“I want to thank everyone who helped me,” he said. “The hospital, the sheriff’s department— they were all extremely helpful and professional and I am so grateful.”

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