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Agendas- June 7

Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport Commission

Meets 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 7

Airport conference room

1. Call to order.

2. Roll call.

3. Appointment vice chairman.

4. Consent calendar. (Note: All matters listed in this form are considered routine by the commission and will all be enacted in one motion).

A. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of May 3, 2011 and special meeting of May 31, 2011 as published and distributed.

B. Financial report, May, as distributed at the meeting.

Suggested actoin. Motion to approve consent calendar items A and B as published.

5. Public forum (Time limits may be imposed).

6. Discussion/action — Resolution to accept forthcoming state grant for approved CIP equipment.

7. Discussion/action — Display aircraft.

8. Discussion/action — Website information.

9. Discussion/action — Conflict of interest training seminar.

10. Reports.

A. Airport manager.

1. Discussion — Financial summary of terminal grant. 

2. Update — Weather training.

3. Discussion — Information requests from public.

B. Consulting engineer.

1. Discussion/action — Terminal remodel.

2. Discussion/action — Abandonment of Runway 12/30.

11. Old business.

12. New business.

13 Approval to pay bills.

A. As submitted.

14. Next meeting date — July 5, 9:30 a.m.

15. Adjournment.