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Crosby city administrator resigns; last day is July 29

Crosby City Administrator Joel Peck resigned from his post at Monday’s city council meeting stating the scope of work he has been limited to this year was not conducive to his long-term professional goals.

In a letter to the council, Peck noted that since January 2011 the council’s priorities and his own responsibilities have changed. His work is now limited to trails and economic development, he said in his resignation letter.

“This scope of work is not conducive to my long-term professional goals and I needed to find employment as an actual city administrator,” he wrote.

Peck, 36, whose last day will be July 29, had worked as administrator for almost three years. He said Wednesday he will be city administrator at St. Croix Falls, Wis.

He said the limited scope of his duties this year was the decision of Mayor Rick Ferrari but was not challenged by the council. The duties Peck normally would perform included overseeing daily operations of all city services, Peck said. He said he asked the council for direction on his new role and received only a limited response.

“No one disputed what his (the mayor’s) plans for me were,” Peck said. “By their silence, they were assenting.”

The city adminstrator said it was unclear whether the council planned to replace him, stating there did not seem to be a consensus.

Asked who assumed the responsibilities that he formerly performed and Peck said it was the council and council committee members. He said the mayor was the only council member who sat on all of the committees.

Mayor Ferrari could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

“I’m leaving a really good city,” Peck wrote. “I’ve enjoyed by time here.”

In his letter he said he established many friendships and partnerships while in Crosby.

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