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Power outage hampers Lunkers game

taff Writer

Where were the Brainerd Lunkers when the lights went out?

In the dark. 

The Lunkers’ game against the Alexandria Beetles Wednesday night was delayed for about 20 minutes after the power went out at Mills Field. The power returned and the game resumed but went out again for a few minutes. The game was able to continue after the power returned for the second time and the Lunkers beat the Beetles 16 to 4. 

Tony Sailer, interim park director, said Thursday the field had two or three weak breakers that apparently degraded over time. The excessive heat and humidity made the situation worse, he said. On Thursday Holden Electric was out at the field replacing the breakers.

“We are swapping those out and putting new ones in,” said Sailer. “They did check the draw on each of the breakers and one was hotter than the others. Why? They don’t know. The heat may have been the tipping point.”

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