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AGENDA: Cass County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday

Land Department meeting room

218 Washburn Avenue East, Backus

1. 9 a.m. call to order.

a. Pledge of Allegiance.

b. Approval of agenda for discussion. (Any requests to be heard not on the proposed agenda are considered for inclusion at this time).

2. 9:05 a.m. Robert Yochum - County Administrator.

a. Consent agenda.

3. 9:10 a.m. Jim Schneider - Probation Director.

a. Cass County Probation Department Annual Report.

b. Receive and file NW Juvenile Center Annual Report.

4. 9:15 a.m. Josh Stevenson - Land Commissioner.

a. Accept easements from Potlatch for access to adjacent public land.

b. Oregon State University cooperation request.

c. Fund 73 engineering request - grant in aid ATV trail proposals.

d. Resolution requesting support for a mountain bike trail - Cut Lake (Bull Moose Township).

5. 9:45 a.m. David Enblom - Highway Engineer.

a. Report back on Ah-Gwah-Ching Highway No. 290 turnback public input meeting.

6. 10 a.m. Sharon K. Anderson - Auditor-Treasurer.

a. Mailing system lease.

b. Resolution endorsing a 2012 County Commissioner redistricting plan.

7. 10:15 a.m. Mark Peterson - County Assessor.

a. 2011 2nd Quarter foreclosure and sales report.

8. 10:30 a.m. Robert Yochum County Administrator and Larry Wolfe Chief Financial Officer

a. 2012 budget requests and Citizen Budget Committee reccomendations.

b. Resolution to establish 2012 Cass County preliminary property tax levy

c. Resolution to establish 2012 Unorganized Township preliminary property tax levy

9. 11:15 a.m. Confirm upcoming meeting schedule.

a. Regular county board meeting 6 p.m. Sept. 20 at Lake Shore City - 8583 Interlachen Road, Lake Shore.

b. SWCD North Central Area VIII Fall Meeting and Tour on Sept. 22-23 at Northern Lights Convention Center, 6800 Y Frontage Road NW, Walker.

c. Updated time, 9:20 a.m. Sept. 11, Observance, Veterans Podium, Courthouse Lawn, Walker.

10. 11:20 a.m. Adjourn.

Consent agenda

1. Approve board minutes of Aug. 16.

2. Approve HHVS Auditor warrants dated Aug. 19 in the amount of $103,042.65.

3. Approve HHVS Commissioner’s warrants dated Aug. 19 in the amount of $244,447.73.

4. Approve Auditor warrants dated Aug. 18 in the amount of $1,857,248.65.

5. Approve Auditor warrants dated Aug. 25 in the amount of $312,123.67.

6. Approve Auditor warrants dated Aug. 25 in the amount of $743.

7. Approve personnel actions.

8. Receive and file cities of Cass Lake, Hackensack, Pillager, Pine River and Walker - Annual disclosure of Tax Increments year ending Dec. 31, 2010.

9. Receive and file correspondence on PRASD - MN Public Facilities Authority Loan Repayment in the amount of $41,668.38.

10. Approve acceptance of Juvenile Accountability Block Grant #2011JABG-004in the amount of $6,787 - Probation Office.

11. Receive and file correspondence regarding approval for a disabled hunt at Deep Portage on October 15,16, 29 and 30.

12. Approve - Pay request (Inv.#10-037.01-1)for Cass County Energy Upgrade Project to EDI in the amount of $900.

13. Approve Resolution No. 41-11 2011 Federal Boating Safety Supplement Grant Agreement CFMS#30-1191 in the amount of $26,024.

14. Approve agreement to release nonpublic personal information with Integrity Employee Benefits, LLC, Ochs, Inc. and MN Life Insurance Company effective Aug. 15.

15. Receive and file City of Walker conditional use permit public hearing notice - Shingobee Trail phase 3.

16. Refer AFSCME HHVS Unit grievance dated Aug. 17 regarding creation of a Case Aide position to the Personnel Committee of the Board.

17. Refer AFSCME Courthouse Unit grievance dated Aug. 22 regarding reimbursement of general appraiser license fee to the Personnel Committee of the Board.

18. Receive and file July 2011 out of home placement report - related child service expenditures $1,195,623 year to date.

19. Receive and file July 2011 HHVS cash account balance comparison and cash basis budget report.

20. Approve purchase of Verint-Audiolog voice recorder system from Northland Business Systems not to exceed $24,582 plus sales tax if applicable (replacement for Sheriffs Office dispatch center) - source of funds Enhanced 911 reserved fund balance.

21. Approve 2011-2012 Public Health Preparedness Grant CDFA #93.069 for compensation to the County up to $18,096.

22. Approve Family Planning Special Projects Grant Agreement Amendment #2 Grant #B31318 amendment amount of $363,865 for a new total grant agreement of $727,730 with a revised grant agreement expiration date of June 30, 2013.

23. Approve Standards Self-Assessment Project Grant Agreement for $2,500 with grant expiration of Nov. 10.

24. Award quote for Cass County Dispatch Center furniture remodel project to Xybix Systems, Inc. in the amount of not to exceed $37,855.46 + sales tax. (ARMER Budget).

25. Award quotes on automatic vehicle location systems not to exceed $21,500 including sales tax (ARMER Budget).

26. Award quote from Thermo Bond Buildings, LLC in the amount of $5,881 for the installation of a heating and air conditioning unit for the Pillager tower site (source of funds ARMER capital budget).

27. Receive and file County Attorneys municipal prosecution contract form of agreement with the City of Federal Dam.

28. Approve licenses - Tobacco, 3.2 Beer, Liquor, Gambling, etc.

29. Approve Resolution No. 42-11 final payment for project SAP 011-603-008, bituminous re-surfacing project located on CSAH No. 3.

30. Approve Resolution No. 43-11 final payment for project SAP 011-070-002, an inlaid striping project.

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