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Brainerd woman who shared songs appeals

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minnesota woman is appealing the rulings that went against her in a music downloading case.

Attorneys for Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Brainerd filed a notice of appeal Friday with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Last month U.S. District Judge Michael Davis reduced the amount of money Thomas-Rasset must pay for willfully violating the copyrights of 24 songs.

Davis ruled that the $1.5 million penalty imposed by a jury was unreasonable, and that Thomas-Rasset should instead pay $54,000. 

Thomas-Rasset is appealing that judgment and any rulings that went against her in the long-running case.

Earlier this week attorneys for the recording industry filed documents indicating they’ll also appeal Davis’ ruling.

The recording industry sued Thomas-Rasset in 2006 for illegally sharing music on the file-sharing site Kazaa.