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Labor Day weekend one of the deadliest in recent years

BAXTER — Preliminary statistics show Minnesota had about six crash-related deaths, making this past Labor Day weekend the deadliest since 2007 when six people were killed that year as well, the Minnesota State Patrol reported Thursday.  

Statistics from previous years show that the deadliest Labor Day weekend of recent memory is in 1996 when about 12 people were killed on state roadways. The preliminary number of injuries for this past Labor Day weekend is not yet known.

“Holiday weekend time periods are always a concern because of the amount of traffic,” said State Patrol Regional Public Information Officer Sgt. Curt Mowers in a news release. “Out of the top six major holidays, the Labor Day weekend time period is about the fifth deadliest, typically. Just to compare numbers for perspective, (Department of Public Safety) records also show at least 26 persons were killed and over 1,682 persons were injured on Labor Day weekend from 2004-2009.”