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Little Falls Schools to kick off ‘Project REAL’

LITTLE FALLS — Little Falls Community Schools “Project REAL” kickoff celebration is planned for 9 a.m. Monday in the Little Falls Community High School gymnasium.

Project REAL, which stands for Resources to Engage All Learners, is an educational journey intended to transform teaching and learning to make it real  and relevant for students in the 21st Century. Teachers become facilitators and students generate their own knowledge and communicate their understanding with the world. It also affords the district an opportunity to reshape how professional development happens in the district and to make it “real” and relevant for staff. The district has committed significant time and resources to staff training to support this project over the next three years.

The students and staff in grades fifth- through 12th will be issued an iPad for their use during the school year. It will serve as a textbook, research tool, library, creation station, homework center, collaboration tool, and much more. Students will have the ability to do assignments, write papers, get homework help, access the internet to research and use built-in applications to create projects that demonstrate understanding. Teachers can electronically load their devices with assignments, readings, short video clips and the list goes on.

The project also provides sets of iPod Touches to each of the elementary schools. 

Little Falls administrators believe their district is the first public school district in the United States to implement one digital device to one student ratio for all students in fifth-through 12th-grade. The project was funded by reallocating existing budgetary funds, not by passing a technology referendum.  

Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius will speak at the kickoff celebration Monday.