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BHS science students to attend Nobel conference at Gustavus Adolphus

A group of Brainerd High School science students will attend the prestigious Nobel Conference Tuesday and Wednesday at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter.

The Brainerd School Board approved the trip at its board meeting Thursday.

The topic this year is “The Brain and Being Human.” Presentations will include exploration of the brain and music, telekinesis, social relationships, ethics, decision making, depression, theology, phantom pain and more. This is the second consecutive year that Brainerd students will be attending. Funding is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

A preliminary list of BHS students attending the conference included: Shannon Chalupsky, Monica Holbrook, Nic Hays, Cole Pertulla, Elena Hirst, Nicole Rothleutner, Tomi Majerus, Brandon Vonruden, Nick McCarthy, Rebecca Standwood, Krista Loven, Shea Sheflo, Kaite Tomberlin, Josica Conrad, Aimeejoy Balko, Diana Fellman, Tyler Jenson, Audrey Lothspeich, Kaylin Ebinger, Molly Aga, Chris Paulson, Alaynna Ernster, Shalane Stroot, Rin Heise, Allison Kosobud, Tim Nelson, Jackie Heise, Anne Hofius, Christopher Bankers, Grant Warwas, Troy Bialka, McKinleigh Rude, Rebecca Schreurs, Haleigh Hanson, Shayna Vastila, Basil Swaggert, Spencer Larson, Serina Poppen, Joseph Lambrecht and Ashlee Houble.