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Firefighters rescue woman from smoke-filled apartment

Brainerd firefighters rescued a woman from a smoke-filled apartment Wednesday night.

Firefighters responded at 6:36 p.m. Wednesday to the apartment at 717 Ivy St. after receiving a report of smoke in the complex.

Brainerd Fire Chief Kevin Stunek said firefighters with air packs needed to breach the apartment door to get inside and found the woman unconscious and her apartment filled with smoke.

The woman was checked out at the scene by North Ambulance and transported to Essentia Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Brainerd for further treatment for smoke inhalation. She didn’t suffer burns, Stunek said.

“There could have been a huge issue there” had firefighters not entered the apartment when they did, Stunek said.

The cause of the smoke was burned food on the stove, Stunek said. There was no other damage and firefighters ventilated the apartment.

The Brainerd Police Department assisted at the scene.

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