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Friends of Dewey Radke House will continue to support historic sites

LITTLE FALLS — The board of directors of the Friends of the Dewey Radke House said it will maintain its commitment to support historic sites in Morrison County, naming the top three most endangered sites in Morrison County. The organization met Oct. 19.

“Since the Dewey Radke House was tragically destroyed by the city council of Little Falls, more awareness of historic treasures needs to take place and the board of the Friends of Dewey Radke House should use their resources to preserve and protect these sites,” newly elected President Brian-Paul Crowder, said.

A motion was made to adopt a new mission statement: To raise awareness of the Dewey Trust and to raise awareness of other endangered historic properties in Morrison County.

Named as the top three most endangered sites were:

• The Dewey Radke Barn located on the property of the now-destroyed Dewey Radke House.

• Linden Hill of Little Falls.

• The Darling Church located just off Highway 10 between Randall and Little Falls.

The Friends of the Dewey-Radke Board is made up of: Brian-Paul Crowder, president; Pamela Wolters, vice president; Rachel Flogstad-Heise, secretary; Joyce Crowder, treasurer; and members Sister Dorothy Ann, Diane Gohl, Ginny Given, Rosemary Finch and Chris Grams.

The Friends of the Dewey-Radke House, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization devoted to preserving the community's traditions, architecture, and appearance. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at The Royal Café in Little Falls. The meetings are open to the public.