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Local news briefs- Nov. 4

Brainerd’s Gohman receives Eagle Scout Award from Troop 43

In a special court of honor Kevin Gohman, 17, received his Eagle Scout Award from Troop 43 sponsored by the Trinity Lutheran Church in Brainerd on Oct. 30.

During the ceremony Dan Fiebelkorn, Scoutmaster, had the opportunity to share with Kevin’s family and friends some little known things that he has observed over the six years he has served as his Scoutmaster — one of which was that of always losing his pocket knife. Also in the audience was Kevin’s Webelos Leader, Frank Huber, who is a 50-year scout veteran.

Rep. John Ward, DFL-Brainerd, presented Gohman with a plaque bearing the state’s seal in honor of his becoming an Eagle Scout. Ward also presented Gohman with a certificate of merit voted upon by the state of Minnesota’s House of Representatives signed by the speaker of the house and the house majority leader as well as himself.

Gohman has served both his troop and community since being involved in Scouting. He has been patrol leader, assistant patrol leader, senior patrol leader, instructor and is currently serving as the junior assistant scoutmaster.

He has earned the Arrow of Light, Zero Hero Award, Ordeal Honor of the Order of the Arrow, and the World Conservation Award.

Gohman has also volunteered with the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, Angle Food Network Bank and with his church, St. Francis Catholic Church, where he has assisted with the Interfaith Hospitality Network assisting with serving the homeless as well as the church’s soup suppers during lent. He also assisted with many other Scouts planting trees in Wadena after the tornado.

Being a member of the Bee Nay She Bird Club he has also been recognized as the Young Birder of the Year. This may have served as motivation for his Eagle Project that was building a chimney swift, an endangered bird, nesting/roosting tower in the south parking lot area of Central Lakes College. The Natural Resources Club at CLC was a resource to him for that project. Chimney swifts can only “land” on vertical surfaces such as a chimney, hence the name, but because society no longer has the chimneys of old or have capped fireplaces they are becoming endangered.

Gohman is Troop 43’s 53rd Eagle since the first one, Arden Miller, in 1929. Other youth who have received their Eagle this year with the troop are: Devin Patrick, Blake Kraemer, Eric Doucette and James Kope.

Gohman is a senior at Brainerd High School and lives with his parents, David and Kari in Brainerd.

Student’s cartwheels raise donations for St. Francis School

Maeve Pritschet was offered a challenge to earn 50 cents for each cartwheel performed during the marathon fundraiser at her school. Scott and Ruthann Ray, parishioners and supporters of the school, funded this endeavor, and, along with many, contributed toward other student efforts in the marathon.

Maeve completed 413 cartwheels, earning $206.50 for St. Francis School. Last year she did 80 cartwheels and raised $40.

As of Oct. 24, all students raised $26,910 in pledges toward a goal of $42,000. Students cleaned roadsides and school grounds, rode bikes, walked and Maeve performed cartwheels. All funds benefit the school.

Phone service disrupted

Due to a disruption in phone service at the Brainerd VA Clinic, patients are advised to call the main St. Cloud toll free number (800) 247-1739 to be transferred to the Brainerd VA Clinic.