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No rest yet for supporters, opponents

If you live in the Brainerd School District, chances are good that you’ve received a call or a visit by a levy supporter in recent weeks.

On Tuesday voters will decide whether or not to support the district’s levy questions.

Until then, levy supporters are working the phone lines and knocking on doors to make sure everyone who plans to vote yes actually goes to the polls and casts a ballot.

Randy Klinger, who co-chairs the Citizens Vote Yes Yes Steering Committee with Miranda Anderson, said Friday that to date the committee has more than 100 volunteers who have made more than 10,000 phone calls and knocked on more than 100 doors. They also mailed out 10,000 postcards.

“Our goal is to conduct about 14,000 phone calls by Election Day on Tuesday,” said Klinger. “Our responses have been encouraging and it’s been a fascinating process to witness, to watch people who believe in quality education, healthy communities and helping others.”

Klinger said the volunteers range from high school students to senior citizens and the reasons why they decided to help out vary.

“I think everyone has a different reason but the common theme is strong kids, strong communities. We all want to see a brighter future in our lakes area,” said Klinger. “We owe it to our kids. It’s a promise that we owe to our kids and our community and the businesses in our community to put forth our best effort and I feel good about that effort.”

Klinger said volunteers will be calling people again who expressed support for the levy questions to make sure they go vote.

“I would encourage anyone who is undecided to take the time to ask questions and read the information that has been sent to your homes, go to our website, and certainly call the school district and seek those answers,” Klinger said.

Phone banks were created at the Brainerd Lakes Family YMCA and will be moved to CTC’s corporate headquarters because the YMCA ran out of space for all the volunteers, said Klinger.

The committee’s website is

While it is not as active of a committee, Marv Begin has hosted two meetings at the Brainerd Public Library for those opposed to the levy questions. Less than a dozen people attended those meetings.

Begin said he does not want to see these levy questions pass.

“I want to see the school get everything but not this greed,” Begin said. “I don’t think that’s right. We should be bringing up our children to be frugal and know the meaning of a dollar. I’m not out to hurt anybody. I want the people on the school board and those working in the schools to do better instead of spending, spending, spending so much money.”

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