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This Was Brainerd- Nov. 7

20 years ago (1991)

Central Minnesota juvenile lawbreakers now have a new home. The 25-bed Central MN Regional Detention Center opened at the Brainerd Regional Human Services Center. The first dozen inmates arrive next week. Juveniles can no longer be housed in county jails.

30 years ago (1981)

(Adv.) Check Our Low Prices! Golden Plump Fresh Fryers - lb. 48 cents; Fresh Ground Beef - lb. $1.08; Choice Chuck Boneless Roast - lb. $1.78; Nestle Chocolate Chips - 12 oz. bag $1.48; Eight O'Clock Coffee - lb. $2.78. National Food Stores - Brainerd.

40 years ago (1971)

(Photo) Rohn Stark, 12-year-old son of the Bud Starks of Pine River, will challenge a Mandan boy in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition during halftime of the Vikings-49ers game at Met Stadium on Sunday. Stark qualified at Met Stadium two weeks ago.

60 years ago (1951)

Laurel Street will be the scene of the 2nd annual Civic Association turkey race Nov. 16. Ten turkeys will be entered in the race, and it's rumored last year's winner, Abe Zimmerman, will enter a new breed of turkey that is especially fast on wet pavement.

80 years ago (1931)

To ensure the success of the Paramount Theatre's benefit performance to aid Brainerd's needy, it is important that every agency and club that has this cause at heart should cooperate. Manager Harry Greenberg said tickets for the Nov. 19 show are now on sale.

100 years ago (1911)

Trains from the Twin Cities are bringing many deer hunters to Brainerd. This afternoon's train carried 15 hunters, who formed a bright picture, all being clothed in red coats and wearing red caps.