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Crosslake P and Z meeting scheduled Friday

CROSSLAKE — The Crosslake Planning and Zoning meeting is scheduled at 9 a.m. Friday at city hall.

Dale and Connie Erickson are requesting approval of a variance to construct a detached garage at a setback of two feet from the property line versus the required 30-foot setback and about 52 feet from the ordinary high water mark of Cross Lake versus the required 75-foot setback from the OHW. The property is located on the 13000 block of East Shore Road.

Eileen and Roy Fontaine are requesting approval of a variance to construct a house addition about 67 feet from the OHW of Rush Lake versus the required 75-foot OHW setback. The property is located at 36000 block of Harbor Trail.

Lani and Richard Popehn are requesting approval of an after-the-fact variance to allow an outdoor wood burning furnace at a setback of five feet from the side lot line versus the required 10-foot setback. The property is on the 12000 block of Ivy Lane.

Whitefish Log Works is requesting approval of a variance to allow use of two outdoor wood burning furnaces year around for the purpose of kiln drying of pine logs versus the requirement in city ordinance of burning from Sept. 16 to May 14 only and to allow use of non-insulated pipe for the chimney flue versus the city ordinance requirement of the use of only insulated pipe and not to use a spark arrestor in the Commercial district. The property is on the 33000 block of Antler Road.

Roger Roy, doing business as Crosstech Manufacturing Inc. and Bandit Properties LLC is requesting approval to rezone three parcels of property from Commercial to Light Industrial. The properties are at the 33000 Gendreau Road, 3300 block of County Road 3 and 33000 block of County Road 3.

The Planning and Zoning Commission members will conduct an on-site inspection of the agenda items on Thursday. Commission members will meet at 9 a.m. in city hall. The inspection is for the purpose of gathering facts. No decisions will be made at this meeting. The public is welcome to attend.

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