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District long-range planning goals discussed

Brainerd School Board Long Range Planning Committee members were updated on the district’s long-range planning goals.

The goals were established earlier this year with community, school and board input.

Board members discussed Thursday that the targets should be considered a living and working document, which continues to change as goals are achieved and marked off and others are added.

Willy Severson, director of schools, told the committee that progress is being made to create a new performance appraisal system for tenured teachers, which would be required every three years. While Severson said the district did have an appraisal system for tenured teachers, it was not a formalized process like it is for probationary teachers.

The district is in the process of developing a broader vision on what students need to be able to do in a 21st Century classroom. In March board members will discuss what is needed for infrastructure and technology improvements to achieve this vision.

Another goal discussed includes the development of a plan for operating extra-curricular activities without Warrior Way funds, which will run out in two years. This will likely include gathering community input. The activities department is 1.5 percent of the district’s total budget, Steve Lund, director of business services, noted.

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