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Board approves school resource officers contracts

The Brainerd School Board Monday approved two-year contracts for its school resource officers at Forestview Middle School in Baxter and Brainerd High School.

The agreement between the district and the Brainerd and Baxter police departments includes a two-year contract renewal and a 1.25 percent increase in each school year 2011-12 and 2012-13. As part of the agreement with the Brainerd Police Department, the district adjusted its event coverage rate from $52.75 to $54 per hour, a 1.19 percent rate increase over the two-year contract period.

The school resource officer at BHS is Brainerd Officer Troy Schreifels, who provides a full-time campus presence at BHS for the 173 days in which school is in session. In 2010-11, the district paid $47,229 for its school resource officer contract cost, which breaks down to $34.13 an hour.

The Brainerd Police Department also provides coverage at designated BHS events. In 2010-11, Brainerd police provided 182.25 hours of coverage.

The district’s Baxter school resource officer is Baxter Officer Dave Tim, who spends half of each school day at Forestview for a total of 692 hours during the school year. He also is available when needed beyond those regular hours. In 2010-11 the district spent $26,640 for the Baxter school resource officer contract, which breaks down to $38.50 an hour.

The cost of these agreements are paid from the district’s safe school levy funds, which allows districts the levy authority of $30 per student.

The district heard from Lund that the district’s insurance carrier, Indiana Insurance, required an updated third party appraisal of all district property as part of its renewal process. The last appraisal was done in 2002.

The most recent appraisal was completed late this past summer with the final report completed on Aug. 24.

The district’s 13 facilities were valued by a third party appraiser at $236,397,000, an increase from the 2002 appraisal of $160,673,856. After a collective review by district staff and agents and representatives from the insurance carrier, the properties were then valued at $240.5 million.

Here is what those new values are:

• Baxter Elementary, $10 million.

• BHS South Campus, $19 million.

• Garfield Elementary, $9 million.

• Harrison Elementary, $6.5 million.

• Lincoln Elementary, $6 million.

• Lowell Elementary, $8 million.

• Riverside Elementary, $16 million.

• Whittier Elementary, $5 million.

• Nisswa Elementary, $7.5 million.

• BHS, $60 million.

• Washington Educational Services Building, $27 million.

• Brainerd School District Learning Center, $5.5 million.

• Forestview Middle School, $61 million.

This adjustment increased the district’s coverage values by about $80 million, which increased its annual premium by $24,603.91, effective Nov. 15, Lund said. The district’s total property and liability premium cost in fiscal year 2012 will be $177,167.85.

The board authorized the sale of $12 million in aid anticipation certificates. The net costs for borrowing the funds, which be repaid by Sept. 30, will be about $60,000 to $70,000, Lund said. The funds are necessary to ensure the district doesn’t have cash flow problems related to the state’s shift in state aid payments.

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