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Airport Commission

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news Brainerd, 56401

Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Airport Commission

Meets 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

1. Call to order.

2. Roll call.

3. Appointment Chairman/Vice Chairman.


4. Consent Calendar. (Note: All matters listed in this form are considered routine by the Commission and will all be enacted in one motion in the form listed below.)

A. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of Dec. 6 with financial report of November 2011, and special meeting of Dec. 20 as distributed.

Suggested action: Motion to approve Consent Calendar item “A” as Published.

5. Public Forum. (Time limits may be imposed.)

6. Airport Fire Fighting Update. (Kevin Stunek, Brainerd Fire Department Chief)

7. Discussion – Conflict of Interest Training.

8. Discussion/Action – Airline Service Update.

9. Discussion/Action – Display Aircraft.

10. Discussion/Action – Website Information.

11. Discussion/Action – Business After Hours Planning.

12. Discussion/Action – Open meeting law. (Jeff Czeczok, Kevin Goedker)

13. Reports.

A. Airport Manager.

1. Leave of absence from Commission.

B. Consulting Engineer.

1. Terminal Remodel

2. Abandon RW 12/30.

14. Old business.

A. Status of Union Contract.

15. New business.

A. Discussion of items which developed after publication of agenda.

16. Approval to pay bills.

A. As submitted.

17. Next meeting date – Feb. 7, 9:30 a.m. (In Airport Conference Room.)

18. Adjournment.