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Crow Wing County Board

Brainerd City Council

Meets 7:30 p.m. Tuesday

Brainerd City Hall Council Chambers

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call.

3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Mayor Wallin – Prayer for the New Year.

5. Consent Calendar – All matter listed are considered routine by the Council and will all be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless good cause is shown prior to the time the council votes on the motion to adopt by roll call.

A. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting held on Dec. 19, 2010, as distributed.

B. Approval of 2012 Licenses – Recommended by City Administrator Vogt.

1. Contractor’s Licenses – 5 – Renewals.

2. Garbage License – 1 – Renewal.

3. Tobacco License – 1 – Renewal.

C. Department Reports.

1. Mayor’s report of activities distributed to Council.

2. Fire Chief’s report of activities distributed to Mayor and Council

3. Park Director’s report of activities distributed to Mayor and Council.

D. Designation of Brainerd Dispatch as Official Newspaper for Calendar Year 2012 – Required by Charter.

E. Designation of Financial Institutions as Depositories for 2011: Bremer Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Black Ridge Bank, US Bancorp, First National Bank of Deerwood, People’s National Bank, Frandsen Bank & Trust, Riverwood Bank, RBC Capital Markets LLC, 4M Fund, PMA Financial Network, Inc. and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

F. Signature Authorization for 2012 Capital Projects for the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport – Adoption of Resolution – (See Attachment).

G. Park Department – Temporary/Seasonal Positions – Same Rates as 2011 – Approval of – (See Attachment).

H. Joint Powers Agreement – Bomb Disposal Unit – Adopt Resolution Authorizing Signatures – (See Attachment).

I. Application for Second Hand Goods Dealer License – Submitted by Brian Keith Richter, Brainerd Gold and Silver, LLC., for Purchasing Gold, Silver, and Coins from January 4, 2012 through December 31, 2012 – Approval of.

6. Approval of Bills.

7. Presentation – Brainerd Rotary – Park Property Deed.

8. Close~Converse – Industrial Park Marketing Update.

9. Unfinished Business.

A. Airport Funding – Discussion of – (See Attachment).

B. Schedule Joint Meetings

• Crow Wing County Board – To Discuss Airport Commission

• Brainerd Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

• Housing and Redevelopment Board of Directors (HRA)

10. New Business.

A. Set Date and Agenda for 2012 Council Planning Workshop.

11. Public Forum. Time allocated for citizens to bring matters not on the agenda to the attention of the Council. Time limits may be imposed.

12. Reports.

A – Mayor

B – City Attorney

C – City Administrator

D – City Engineer

E – City Planner

F – Fire Chief

G – Park Director

H – Council President

13. Council Committee Reports

A – Personnel and Finance Committee.

B – Safety and Public Works Committee.

C – Other Committees.

14. Committee Recommendations – Recommended by Mayor Wallin.

A. Cable TV Advisory Committee – Jan Lambert – 3-Year Term to Expire 12/31/2014.

B. Library Board – Gwen Kienholz, Ed Shaw – 4-Year Term to Expire 12/31/2014.

C. Public Utilities Commission – William Wroolie – 5-Year Term to Expire 12/31/2016.

D. Transportation Committee – Cori Wrobel, Jan Lambert, Mary Koep, Susan Hilgart, Jeff Czeczok – 2-Year Terms to Expire 12/31/2013.

15. Council Liaison Reappointments – Recommended by Mayor Wallin.

A. BRHSC Community Advisory – Mark Bublitz – Term to Expire 12/31/2012.

B. Transportation Committee – Council Member Parks – Term to Expire 12/31/2013.

16. Committee Resignations – Accept with Regret.

A. Kathleen Krueger – Transportation Committee.

B. Ray Frisch – Library Board.

C. Brad Davis – Airport Commission.

17. Call for Applicants.

A. Police and Fire Civil Service Commission – One Term to Expire 12/31/2013.

B. Transportation Committee – One Term to Expire 12/31/13.

C. Library Board – One Term to Expire 12/31/2017.

D. Airport Commission – One Term to Expire 12/31/2012.

18. Adjourn.

NOTE: Safety and Public Works Committee will meet at 6:45 p.m. Personnel and Finance Committee will meet at 6 p.m.

Crow Wing County Board

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday

Statutory, organizational and regular county board meeting

Crow Wing County Board Room, 3rd floor, Historic Courthouse

1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Reorganization of County Board

2.1 Election of Chair

2.2 Election of Vice Chair

3. Open Forum

4. Review and approve Jan. 3 statutory, organizational and regular county board meeting agenda

5. Approve Consent Agenda

5.1 Bills

5.2 Donation

5.3 January Warrants

5.4 MMSW Landfill Environmental Monitoring Services Change Order No. 4

5.5 Support Application to Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) for Improvements on CSAH 11

5.6 Support Application to Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) for Improvements on CSAH 3

5.7 Advertise for Sealed Bids

5.8 Vacate Portion of Old CSAH 4 Alignment near CR 118

5.9 Summary of Closed Session, Performance Appraisal for Community Services Director Beth Wilms

6. Land Services Director

6.1 Environmental Services Consent

6.1.1 Lani and Lynne Yoshimura - Ossie Lake Shores - Preliminary Plat Approval

7. Human Resource Director

7.1 Closed Session, Labor Negotiations

7.2 ONCE Labor Agreement

7.3 Assistant Crow Wing County Attorney Association Labor Agreement

8. County Auditor-Treasurer

8.1 Award of 2012 Printing & Publishing Bid

9. County Administrator

9.1 Introduction of New Facilities Manager Reid Thiesse

9.2 Leave of Absence Request from Rick Adair for Airport Commission Position

9.3 Regional Extension Director Update

9.4 Committee of the Whole Discussion

9.5 Resolution regarding Closed Meetings

9.6 Resolution regarding Per Diems, Per Meeting Rates & Meeting Expenses

10. Additional business

11. Committee Reports

12. 2012 Committee Appointments

12.1 County Commissioner Committee Appointments

12.2 2012 AMC Delegate and Policy Committee Appointments

12.3 Citizen Committee Appointments

13, Adjournment

14. Other Board Activities - The following list includes Crow Wing County meetings that may be attended by one or more members of the Crow Wing County Board:

14.1 Monday, January 2 - New Year’s Holiday - County Offices CLOSED

14.2 Tuesday, January 3 - 1:30 p.m. - Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport Commission: Airport Conference Room

Cass County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday

Commissioners Board Room

Courthouse, Walker

1. 9 a.m. Call to order.

a. Pledge of Allegiance.

b. 2012 Board Reorganization.

1. Election of Vice Chair.

2. Election of Chair.

c. Approval of Agenda for discussion. (Any requests to be heard not on the proposed agenda are considered for inclusion at this time).

2. 9:05 a.m. Discuss 2012 Legislative Priorities.

a. Larry Howes – State Representative District 4B, John Persell – State Representative District 4A, John Carlson State Senator District 4.

3. 9:30 a.m. Robert Yochum – County Administrator.

a. Approve Consent Agenda.

b. Resolution establishing 2012 conduct of meetings – Business Rules.

c. Award 2012 printing and publishing bids.

d. 2012 Committee appointments.

e. Commissioners Board Meeting 2012 summer schedule.

4. 10 a.m. Request to be heard.

a. Larry Leblanc.

5. 10:15 a.m. Tom Burch – Sheriff, Kerry Swenson – Emergency Management Coordinator.

a. ARMER Project update.

6. 10:30 a.m. Reno Wells – HHVS Director, Karyn Flesch – Social Worker/Team Leader, Renee Lukkason - Family Health Supervisor.

a. Discuss “File of Life” cards for residents to keep current medical information.

b. Information on free radon testing kits.

7. 10:45 a.m. Tim Richardson-Central Services Director, Kameron Koch – Technical Support Specialist.

a. IPAD demonstration.

8. 11 a.m. Confirm upcoming meeting schedule.

a. Establish 1st Qtr. 2012 Joint Meeting with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

b. Establish Friday, June 15, 2012, for the Annual Cass County Planning Retreat, Cass County Land Department, Backus.

9. 11:05 a.m. Adjourn.

Consent agenda

1. Approve board minutes of Dec. 20.

2. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 22 in the amount of $174,354.46

3. Approve HHVS Auditor warrants dated Dec. 23 in the amount of $123,060.31.

4. Approve HHVS Commissioner warrants dated Dec. 23 in the amount of $251,825.17.

5. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 29 in the amount of $271,954.10.

6. Approve Personnel Items.

7. Approve licenses – Tobacco, 3.2 Beer, Liquor, Gambling, etc.

8. Approve election services agreement with Synergy Graphics for term 2012-2015 for ballot layout, ballot printing and file management services, authorizing the Auditor-Treasurer to sign and execute agreement.

9. Receive and file timber auction results of Dec. 21 6,801.50 cords totaling $153,693.

10. Approve the daily meal and incidental expense reimbursement for FY2012.

11. Receive and file Deep Portage Conservation Foundation Audit for the period of from August 31, 2010 and 2010.

12. Receive and file correspondence from the MN Pollution Control Agency regarding the City of Backus wastewater treatment facility improvements.

13. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project-DH Wireless Solutions-AVL System in the amount of $561.00, $2,285.09, and $2,456.79.

14. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project to DSC Communications in the amount of $152.83, and $204.14.

15. Receive and file correspondence from the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe regarding the assignment of Government Relations Specialist – Eli Hunt.

16. Receive and file Law Library Meeting minutes of Dec. 13.

17. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project to Midstates Wireless-Radio install in the amount of $8,805.50.

18. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project-Dispatch Center to Cass County MIS in the amount of $3,955.97.

19. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project-Dispatch Center to XYBIX Systems, Inc. in the amount of $1,206.

20. Approve pay request for Cass County ARMER Project-Gas Service-Pillager Tower in the amount of $725.98.

21. Authorize financial contribution for FY2012 – Historical Society in the amount of $2,500.00, remaining 50 percent paid after July 1, 2012.

22. Accept donation in the amount of $1,000 from Turtle Lake Township for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office - Lakes Area Dive Team.

23. Receive and file Cass County HHVS Cash account balance comparison and Child Service Costs through November 2011.

24. Accept donations for Veterans Services in the amount $100 - American Legion Post No. 458 (Boy River) and $200 Salem Lutheran Church.

25. Approve submission to Minnesota Department of Public Safety Car Seat Grant Program.

26. Approve – Memorandum of Agreement for nursing services between HHVS and Cass County Sheriff Office-Jail.

27. Approve - Home and Community Based Services Contract for 2012-2014 between Cass County HHVS.

28. Approve HHVS Purchase of Service and Pine River SLS.

29. Approve HHVS Purchase of Service Agreement and Stellher Human Services.

30. Approve HHVS Purchase of Service Agreement and mental health service providers.

31. Approve new joint powers Cooperative Purchasing Agreement with the State of Minnesota, effective upon signing by all parties.

32. Approve Assessor’s Office Abatements.

Items on the Consent Agenda are reviewed in total by the County Board and may be approved through one motion.

Any item of the Consent Agenda may be removed by any Commissioner for separate consideration.

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