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Red Bulls: Charlie Company comrades

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CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait - What comes to your mind when you think of family? Is it of mom and dad, brothers or sisters, and aunts and uncles? The common answer would be yes, but if you were to ask this same question to the soldiers of Convoy Escort Team “Crazy 90” of Crazy Troop 1st Squadron, 94th Cavalry they will simply tell you, we are each other’s family.

Sgt. Andrew Wiering, a truck commander of “Crazy 90,” when asked how to describe his CET said, “The only way to describe our squad is that we are family.”

Throughout the deployment the soldiers of “Crazy 90” have gone through adversity and tough missions. After everything they have been through they have always had each other to depend on; even through the hard times. They would break up the long missions by telling each other jokes, talk about their lives back home and plans for the future.

“You can’t even explain how people will come together to complete the mission” said Spc. Nicholas Byers.

One particular mission was a return trip from Victory Base Complex near Baghdad, Iraq to Camp Buerhing, Kuwait. The CET was on the road for a grueling 18 hours dealing with breakdowns, convoy halts, and other issues along the way.

“It was a long night” Byers recalled. “We kept each other going and our comradery helped us push through and complete the mission.”

After the arduous journey was through the soldiers of “Crazy 90” did all their post mission checks and maintenance and then walked into their Company Headquarters and asked for their next mission.

“That mission showed our squad’s true colors” Wiering said. He then went on to say. “The 18 hour push from Baghdad to Kuwait was the highlight of this deployment. It was long and tiring but it showed how well knit our group really was and because of that we couldn’t wait to get back out there.”

“Crazy 90” has had other soldiers ride with them to fill in when they have needed extra people. It was evident to other soldiers how well the work together and got along as a team.

“After completing a mission with us soldiers wanted to become a part of our squad because they saw how well we worked together how much of a team we really are,” said Wiering.

Each soldier in “Crazy 90” has gone through a lot during this deployment, but has been able to meet every challenge with the help of their fellow soldiers to right and left of them.

When asked how it felt to be a part of the drawdown in Iraq Wiering said, “it was a great honor to close the war down in Iraq seeing the difference we made and also it is a great honor to serve with the soldiers in my squad.”

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