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BRAINERD SCHOOL BOARD : Literacy Coaching Model the hot topic shelved Monday

The Brainerd School Board’s Curriculum Committee Monday heard from seven different people in regards to the Literacy Coaching Model, but no decision was made.

The committee opted to continue the conversation at the board’s Finance Committee meeting scheduled Feb. 6.

“The Brainerd Public School system has for years maintained a strong coaching model, surrounding the area of early literacy,” said Superintendent Steve Razidlo. “We have employed teachers to split their time, being a part-time teacher and a part-time coach to help implement the current curriculum to help grow emerging readers.

“This model, while we’ve supported it and value the importance of it (pushing for kids to read well by third grade) it’s important to take a greater look at it in years where we have a tighter budget.”

Headed by Debra Lechner, the school’s director of teaching and learning, made a recommendation to endorse continued literacy coaching­ and related training expenses was approached with two different options. Option number one, listed as the preferred option, would train a district literacy trainer and train one new literacy coach, whereas option two offers the training of two new literacy coaches, something that concerned board member Ruth Nelson.

“I can agree that we should continue with coaches who continue to train in our school district,” said Nelson. “But I am having difficulty deciding between option one and two because right now as I am not comfortable hiring another full-time trainer.

“A unanimous decision is to add this discussion on to our future finance committee meeting and move forward with additional talks then.”

Also on the agenda was an assessment update as presented by Amy LaBarre and the discussion of the calendar for school year 2013-14, as well as a review of school calendar 2012-13, which was put off until the next curriculum meeting.

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