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Super Bowling

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It’s true that there’s little correlation between football and bowling. Outside being a fun activity to enjoy with friends, most don’t usually draw a parallel between the two sports. That is unless you’re a member of Journey North in Brainerd or Heritage Assembly of God in Baxter.

“For the past three years we’ve been getting our youth members together every Super Bowl Sunday to do what we call ‘Super Bowling’,” said Heritage Assembly of God’s youth pastor, Jarvis Glanzer. “It’s something fun to do with the kids and the (football) game is on in the background so we don’t miss out on any of that action either.”

Entering its fourth year — second with Journey North joining­ — the event brings roughly 120 sixth through 12th-graders to Jack’s House between 5 and 8:30 p.m. For just $14, participants enjoy unlimited bowling, shoes, pizza and pop.

“The kids get really excited about it,” Glanzer said, “and I do too. It’s really fun, I think last year I was able to bowl something like 13 games (in the time frame) and showing the Super Bowl while we play makes it all the better.”

Not limited to members of the congregations, Glanzer said all are welcome to come and take part in the festivities. Check out the Heritage Assembly of God Facebook page or call Journey North (824-5617) or Heritage Assembly of God (829-3209) for more information.

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