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Crow Wing County requests help from public for E911

Crow Wing County has reduced the amount of time it takes for property owners to get a blue 911 address sign installed to two weeks — a 93 percent reduction from the previous 46 weeks.

Previously, address signs were placed twice a year in the spring and fall. The new process means property owners will have the blue address sign installed at the driveway within 15 days.

Instead of being handled by multiple departments, E911 addressing will now be coordinated by the Land Services Department, which will handle all aspects of the addressing process. In addition, new software enhancements mean information and mapping updates can occur seamlessly during the process.

Crow Wing County moved to the enhanced E911 address system between 1998 and 2001. During that period of time, streets were given unique names and a county grid was established for assigning E911 address numbers. This was a busy time with many resources needed for the assignment and placement of more than 20,000 address signs. Currently, new address assignments average 200 per year as requested through permits involving new construction or placement of permanent structures on parcels.

Crow Wing County Requests Assistance From Public

Crow Wing County is requesting assistance from the public in making the E911 system work effectively and efficiently. The system relies upon the property owner to maintain signs once installed. Keep the sign visible at all times and remove vegetation, debris, snow and other intrusions. If the sign is damaged or removed, please contact the Land Services Department at 824-1125 to assist in getting a new sign installed. E911 address signs or road signs shall not be altered, defaced, removed or moved and must comply with the county sign ordinance requirements. Failure to comply can result in enforcement action through the county sheriff’s office.

People are encouraged to contact the Environmental Services Office at 824-1125 or to discuss land use questions before starting building projects, applying for an address or with questions regarding the placement or maintenance of a E911 sign. Crow Wing County information and resources may be found at

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